Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Old Vic Tunnels

A couple weeks ago, I went to the new performance place in the old Waterloo underground tunnels, now known as The Old Vic Tunnels. They had all kinds neat pieces set up depicting the various circles of hell, as inspired by Dante's Inferno. Most of them didn't photograph well in the dark tunnels, but this turned out nicely--a portrait created by chipping away parts of the plastered wall.

Speaking of hell, happy Halloween!


  1. I went to the Hell's Half Acre and loved the exhibit! Took a very similar photo. :-) Do you know this artist is portuguese? Vhils name is actually Alexandre Farto and he's great. Here is the link for a video you might enjoy:
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Hello Molly! I also was at this exhibition and had a wonderful time, it was so amazing and unexpected. I also had trouble photographing but my Madoff came out OK! I also posted him yesterday:)) Check out Vhils on the net he is pretty amazing! Happy Halloween!

  3. Cool. Are these the Aldwych Station tunnels? I think they should look into turning them into a subway under the river. I grew up in NEW England, where the temperature drops below zero every winter, but I've never been colder than crossing Waterloo Bridge with the wind screaming up from the channel. It may seem like a long walk, but my commute used to take me through Kings Cross, and the walk from The Tube to Thameslink has got to be as far.


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