Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, English-style

As a transplanted American in London, I obviously have to post a picture of the Thanksgiving dinner I ate last night with 15 other American students.

The ovens in our student housing aren't really big enough to do a proper roast turkey, so instead we ordered turkey and cranberry and sage and stuffing pies from Borough Market. And I found canned cranberry sauce at the local supermarket (where I bumped into several other Americans looking for the same thing). I found this hybrid of a traditional American dinner oddly comforting. And, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I was also able to speak to my entire family back home via webcam.

And now I'll be eating leftover Minnesota wild rice for the next two months. Happy Thanksgiving, all!


  1. Looks like your stuffing was better than ours but I think our turkey was better than yours. Guess it's a wash! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
    Kind post-Thanksgiving regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota

  2. The wild rice looks wonderful. The rest of it looks really good do. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  3. I like your link to the Mille Lacs Reservation site. Been reading a lot about wild rice and its cultural importance in various places.


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