Friday, December 10, 2010


I tried to take the bus to Trafalgar Square this evening to see some of the carolers that are singing there every night under the big Norwegian pine. But my usual bus was unexpectedly re-routed and I found myself suddenly on the wrong side of the Thames. So I got out to see what was up and came upon a group of student protesters at the Houses of Parliament. The MPs were in the middle of voting to increase tuition for UK universities (after many of them had promised not to) and the protesters were in the street waiting to hear the results of the vote.

Snapped this shot of police vans lined up to block the street next to Big Ben. And below is a fairly poor shot of the students with the Eye in the background.

I used to be something of a protester in my youth (I say high school years, I guess), but I was quickly disillusioned and now tend to stay away from mass rallies and demonstrations. As I was shooting pictures of the students, they were in the middle of voting on what song they wanted to hear next on the loud speaker. Didn't exactly change my mind regarding the effectiveness of protests.

But then I saw this hideous report on the BBC. And, voilà, they have my sympathies again. I'm as changeable as the wind.

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  1. Wonder if Jonathan is still involved. I actually like the photo of the Eye. Blue lights must be de rigueur for lighting London sights.


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