Thursday, December 30, 2010


A view of Southwark from the Millenium Bridge on a partly cloudy day. Notice the building under construction in the left part of the frame. Someday, this is going to be the Shard London Bridge and will apparently be the tallest building in the European Union when it is completed in 2012. Some interesting artist's renderings right over here. Thoughts? Kind of looks horribly out of place to me, but I guess this is the future of London. Developers like these enormous skyscrapers a lot more than the old three-story 19th-century warehouses.


  1. I think I saw some drawings of this the last time I was in London and I wondered if it would every get built. I guess it will!

  2. i see this often as i drive through london and always wondered what it was called. thank you for the name. in my silly opinion, i think the building has a sinister look and feel about it. :-(

    i can see them putting a large eye on top of it to watch us all. welcome to orwellian london....

  3. I love being able to see Shakespeare's Globe in this picture!


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