Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blue Door

I seem to go through phases of shooting different neighborhoods. It's probably because I have single days where I'm really productive and then a dry spell for a week, so all my photos are concentrated on whatever I did on that one day.

Keeping that in mind, we just had a slew of photos from Primrose Hill. The next several will come from my old standby, the Hampstead Heath area. It's been cloudy as all get out for the last two weeks (as a chronic hypochondriac, I'm beginning to worry I'm developing a Vitamin D deficiency), but I finally managed to drag my photographing butt outside because I was running out of material for the blog. Enjoy!

Coincidentally, by favorite hangout back home is the Blue Door Pub. Check it out if you ever find yourself in the Twin Cities area. Killer cajun tater tots.


  1. I saw some of your posts, and I must say that you have a penchant for bright colors. It is no wonder that you fell in love with this door! The bright blue paint is attention-grabbing. And it looks rough and rustic – in a good way.

  2. If you didn’t mention where this photo was taken, I’d most like assume that it’s from Greece -- Santorini in particular. Hehe! Every time I see a blue shade like this, it really reminds me of that place. If you've been there or at least watched the movie, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, you’ll know why. ;)


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