Sunday, January 23, 2011

Evening walk

Heading home from work along Bedford Square in Bloomsbury.

I go to school around here and spent the better part of last summer looking at Google Street View images of these places to get ready for my new neighborhood. I've gotten fairly used to it now, but occasionally a spot of evening sunshine will light something up and remind me why I was so enchanted in the first place.


  1. There are some lovely houses in London. I wish cities would have open days where you could go and look inside some of these places!

  2. Many people think I'm a little crazy but, my favorite thing to do in Lonodon is just walk the streets like this. It's amazing the things you will see and learn.

  3. Isn't the setting sun an amazing source of lovely light?

  4. Please forgive me for posting this here, but I didn't see a link to email you.
    A)What are rent ranges for Bloomsbury ?

    B)I would like to have a "Photo A Day" blog for my city. How do I get started ?

  5. Uigei-

    I don't live in Bloomsbury, so I can't help you there. I would suggest checking out London estate agents like Foxtons.

    To start my blog, I just dove right in. Check out City Daily Photo for other examples of Daily Photo blogs. Becoming a member of their site also means you would probably get more traffic.

    Good luck!


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