Friday, January 7, 2011

More tapestries

A close-up of the tapestries in the Tapestries Room at V&A. I posted a picture of the room as a whole back here.


  1. I'm a little surprised the museum lets people photograph these, with these textiles light sensitivity and such. I've also wondered whether one of the reasons people used these rather than paintings was, at least in part, for insulation purposes.

  2. Yup--no flash allowed, of course, though I'm sure people still use them plenty. I think it might be partly that the museum is so massive they just don't have the staff to enforce a blanket no photography policy. There was no staff member in the Tapestries Room when I took this photos.

    And I think you may be right about the tapestries-as-insulation theory. I feel like I read that somewhere once...

  3. I loved this room - probably my favorite in the V&A. I took photos there with flash - there was no one around to enforce it.


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