Friday, February 4, 2011

Communist Plot

And here is the most famous resident of Highgate Cemetery, the Founder of Modern Socalism and the Author of the Communist Manifesto, the man himself. I still can't believe he didn't know the Hammers was the nickname for West Ham United.


  1. There is, or used to be, an Italian restaurant in Dean Street, Soho, named Leone's Quo Vadis. It was owned some years ago by my local travel agent's brother (Egyptian Christians, to add to the confusion). If you knew to ask, the owner would take you up to the third floor where there was a cold, dingy flat. The authorities wouldn't let him do a thing to it because of the former occupants, Dr. Marx and family. However, the beautiful veneer had been stripped off his personal desk and applied to the service bar in the private party room on the first floor, where the rich could enjoy pre-theater drinks.

  2. While I was looking at this picture, I was remembering other Marx´s statues I´ve ever seen around the world. In Moscow and Berlin, I think...

  3. I missed your site the last couple of days and didn't know you were featuring Highgate. I have some fond memories of touring this hauntingly beautiful place. I remember walking around thinking it was like walking around in an old Victorian novel.


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