Monday, April 11, 2011

brownie shard!

Arrived at Borough Market early enough on Saturday to see this impressive creation at the Flour Power City Bakery stall. They'd sold enough brownies by noon that it was unrecognizable.

But you can tell what it is, right? It's the Shard (that omnipresent, all-seeing eye as fellow blogger raskolniikov rightly described it)! You really can't escape it.


  1. They look to be scrumptious brownies!

  2. They are! I can speak from experience.

  3. molly, how delightful, a dedication post! i am driving to old street station on friday afternoon to meet a friend and i will hopefully endeavor to take a photograph of this 'eye of shard' of yours and reciprocate your kind link.

    i will look out for those brownies too :-)

  4. This looks delicious !!!
    Would like to taste a lot from it :)


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