Monday, September 19, 2011

oyster card reader on construction site

A weird bit of art. This is a temporary wall hiding a construction site and the little circle on the outside has been turned into an Oyster card machine -- it's the little thing that we tap our travelcards to whenever we take the tube.


  1. Great composition here.
    I like the idea of the oyster card machine too.

    Oyster card? Fun name for a transport card. The world is your oyster and London is the first stop...

  2. PS - Thanks so much for answering so fast, that was very kind!
    My daughter actually wrote today saying that she's found a place - it's in Waterloo and just 3 blocks from her school so she will be able to walk there.
    She will be flat-sharing for 3 months after which if all goes well she will move in with her (French) boyfriend who will be coming to join her in London in January. Finding a place then will be a new exercise but at least this time around it's all sorted out. Thanks again for your kind reply and assistance !



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