Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Flotilla: The Dregs

Despite the wonderful images you might have seen on TV, this was most Londoners' view of the Diamond Jubilee flotilla if they headed down to the river. I only got this shot by holding my camera above the heads of those in front of me. The flags were nice to see (especially the bright ones with the Queen all decked out in yellow).

See the shard disappearing into the mist in the distance?


  1. Too bad that you didn't have a front row center seat, but, remember, you were there! I had the same crowd feeling when Lance Armstrong won one of his Tour de France races while I was in the crowd. Didn't see a thing!

  2. How exciting it must have been Molly (apart from the rain) I watched it on tv it looked absolutely stunning to see all those ships of every kind heading up towards London Bridge. London looked spectacular! So much happening there this year, must be a such a buzz to be there right now. As Kate says, you were there in that moment in history, fab!!


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