Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oxford St at Xmas

I have not had any desire to shop on Oxford Street in the three months I've been here. And it's mostly because of this scene which I have witnessed on a number of a occasions from the safety of the top deck of a city bus. Especially around this time of year, the swarms of rabid shoppers are terrifying. I have seen people practically herded down the stairs into the tube station, packed together like sardines, not able to move an inch. How unpleasant!


  1. I would rather watch from afar too.

  2. One man's meat and all that: I am from London and this photo really says Christmas to me. Fighting your way through the crowds dressed in warm clothes, Christmas lights lighting up the cold dark sky. I don't live there any more and Christmas to me is boiling hot so perhaps I'm looking at it with rose-tinted glasses.

  3. I have fought this crowd before and it is a little frightening.


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