Monday, December 20, 2010

white on white

Amazing what a little snow will do. Changes the color palette of the entire city. The whole world becomes whites and browns and occasionally reds (those telltale phone and post boxes). We got at least 3-4 inches sticking and the city looks like A Christmas Carol.

But, oh my goodness, they don't know how to deal with it! Heathrow and Gatwick closed for a day and are now experiencing heavy delays and cancellations. Everyone has been thrown into a panic. And we Midwesterners just laugh and laugh and laugh.


  1. This amazes me. I've visited London a few times in the winter and seen only traces of snow. Your photo shows how it can lift the dreariness of parts of the city.

  2. Beautiful. yes London is becoming more chaotic. More to come. Now the councils dont want to use the grit in case it all gets used up.

  3. Postcard piccie! It looks so pretty but I know it hasn't been easy...


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